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Fix Summertime Damage with Ultherapy and IPL

During the summer many people around the world enjoy spending time at beaches. There is no better way to enjoy these sunny days than lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Admittedly, the feeling is great, and nobody can stop you from doing this, but have you considered the real impact of exposing your… Read more »

How Many Times Do You Need To Do Micro-Needling?

As more of the public becomes aware of Micro-Needling and its excellent benefits to the skin, the question of frequency pops up. Is this a one-time treatment, or will it take several sessions to achieve the desired results? These are smart questions to ask so decisions about a timeline and costs can be made. Here… Read more »

CoolSculpting for a Sexy Beach Body

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means – short shorts, sleeveless dresses, and bathing suits. Getting the best beach body can take a bit of work. Working out, eating properly, not being sedentary are the proper steps to lose a little weight, but those may not sculpt your body perfectly. There is… Read more »

Hand Rejuvenation: Treatments for Aging Hands

Often when we think of aging and preventative care, we think of the signs of aging that show on our face. However, we tend to forget one of the more significant telltale signs of aging – our hands. Our hands are exposed to the environment as much as any other part of our body, but… Read more »

Rosacea: Relief for Redness Prone Skin

April is designated as National Rosacea Awareness month. This skin condition is often not diagnosed because the symptoms mimic many other skin problems. When you know what to look for, you can help identify whether you have rosacea. People with rosacea experience red patches, tiny blood vessels visible through the skin, itching and other inflammatory… Read more »

A Healthy Diet is Important Before Coolsculpting

Most people feel that despite having some success with dieting and exercise, it is often not enough to get rid of the stubborn areas. These are more challenging to tackle and require some additional attention to obtain the desired results. Are you planning to schedule a body contouring method to improve your silhouette? If you… Read more »

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Take So Long?

When it comes to unwanted hair, there are many different options out there from which to choose. Laser hair removal is among the top choices for significant hair reduction. After only a few treatments, your skin is left smooth, fresh and hair free. Never having to worry about shaving or waxing again! One question most… Read more »

Why Do Lips Lose Their Plumpness With Age?

Aging is one of those inevitable things you can’t avoid in life. It is well recognized that the aging process often includes developing wrinkles and losing skin elasticity. It changes other parts of the body too, like the face, neck, and lips. Many women complain that their lips slowly lose their plumpness and become thin…. Read more »

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

Whether a recent weight loss has left some stubborn area untouched or there is a desire to fine-tune a body shape, Coolsculpting is for you. CoolSculpting is the world’s first non-surgical procedure for fat reduction. This procedure kills fat cells by freezing them without damaging the skin. Gradually, the body flushes out these dead fat… Read more »

What is the Difference Between CoolSculpting vs. Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a New Year’s resolution for many. Some people want that number on the scale to be smaller.  Others are looking for a new silhouette. A regime of dieting and exercising reduces overall weight but what if you are still unsatisfied with your body shape?  Is losing weight and losing fat the same… Read more »