Ultherapy® A safe and effective new way to counteract the effects of time and gravity!

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Lift, Tighten and Tone Skin – Without Surgery*

Do you want to lift and tighten your skin without surgery, and desire natural looking results? We know aging is a beautiful process, but understand how wrinkles and sagging skin can make you feel less like yourself. Our Ultherapists offer a safe and effective new way to counteract the effects of time and gravity using Ultherapy®.

How Ultherapy® Works

Ultherapy® technology uses ultrasound waves deep into the skin to build new collagen, without cutting or disrupting your skin’s surface. The result is a tightening and gradual lifting of the skin back into a more youthful position and form-fitting shape.

beauty-fdaWhat else do I need to know?

  • Ultherapy® is the only FDA-Approved procedure to non-surgically lift the face, neck, brow and chest
  • There is no downtime for Ultherapy® treatments
  • Ultimate results will take place over 3-6 months, as your body regenerates collagen
  • Ultherapy® has been safely used in over 250,000 treatments worldwide

At BodyLase Skin Spa, our highly trained medical professionals are devoted to giving you the utmost quality and care in a calm and soothing environment. Call us at (919) 263-0286 to schedule your complimentary Ultherapy® evaluation and start your journey to a more youthful appearance.

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