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How Long Does it Take to Remove a Tattoo?

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in our culture in the last few decades.  Once the bastion of sailors and gang members, tattoos are now sported by businessmen and grandmothers alike. This phenomenon has become globally popular, and the tattoo industry has been revolutionized making it exceptionally advanced and modern. The ‘Inked’ culture is at its… Read more »

Wedding Series: Laser Tattoo Removal

You’ve got a dilemma.  You’re getting married and the wedding dress you have selected is strapless, but you have a tattoo with your ex-boyfriend’s name on your shoulder.  You want to start your new life without a reminder of the old so you’ve decided you want this tattoo removed before the wedding day.  How long… Read more »

Erase Your Inky Past

Once upon a time, you had some pins pummel pigments deep into your skin. Sadly while the image remains, your initial sentiments certainly don’t. BodyLase® has the best way to free you from your inky regrets. Our Medlite laser, the gold standard of the tattoo removal industry, is the perfect way to polish your body… Read more »