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Do This Before Your Laser Hair Removal Session

You’ll be forgiven if you associate laser hair removal with summers and tans. When the air is balmy and bikinis are on the mind, many start dreaming of being hair-free. Truth is hair removal isn’t just for the bare-it-all days of summer! Here are some essential reasons why you should start laser hair removal in… Read more »

Close Shave? Exactly What We Want

We know men will always be men. But we also know that he might want a little help getting in touch with his soft side. His soft, freshly-shaven side that is. Most men probably have been shaving since the dawn of time. In fact, he could pretty much pass as the leading expert of all… Read more »

Taming the Unruly Man-Forest

There are a few ways men can manage the growth on their back or chest. Now we know each guy has his own preference. But whether he likes it wooly or sleek, there’s a technique to each method. So here are some tips to help your man de-forest or simply manage the fuzz depending on… Read more »

Fab Gifts for Your Entire Wedding Party

Sharing love. It’s what weddings are all about. That and well outdated dance moves. To ensure the levels of serotonin are soaring on your wedding day, do your part to properly thank your wedding party by spreading some TLC. BodyLase® has some meaningful gift ideas for everyone who matters. Whether you’re a bride that wants… Read more »

Gorgeous Bride Countdown Kit

Wedding stress often manifests itself on the bride’s skin. We see it a lot at BodyLase®. Not enough water, poor eating habits and the rise of stress levels can lead to breakouts, dryness, and wrinkles. Brides, it’s important to work on your skin long before your big day. Find out how to achieve the best… Read more »