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Wedding Series: Lose the Belly Bulge

  Almost all women have an image of their perfect wedding day. A handsome groom waiting at the altar, the sun shining, flowers everywhere, the most beautiful gown you’ll ever wear… but love handles and extra belly fat? Struggling to zip up that incredible dress? That’s not part of the vision! That’s where Coolsculpting comes… Read more »

All I Want for Christmas Is A Sleeker, Younger-Looking Me!

Would you like to look radiant for all your holiday get-togethers, as well as kick off 2014 looking better than you have for years? BodyLase® has so many great ideas for you! Nothing says confidence like a slimmer, trimmer you. Imagine fitting into that ever-stylish gala outfit that’s been a little too snug for the… Read more »

Body Contouring After Serious Weight Loss

Uneven skin surface, bulging and sagging — these are common side-effects of dropping lots of fat fast, whether through gastric bypass surgery or strict dieting. But body-contouring treatments like SmartLipo can erase the ugly bumps in your curves and the unsightly sag of your skin. Don’t deal with these imperfections any longer. Uncover your perfect… Read more »

Ultimate Swimsuit Dilemma: The Real Deal Behind Swimsuit Fat Bulges

Water babies, before it’s time to slap on that suit and take to the beaches, let’s review our checklist. Bikini line? Smooth! Legs? Sleek! Body?… Wait, what’s this? You forgot to smooth out your curves! Apple figure, pear shape, hourglass curves. Whatever your figure—if you got it, flaunt it! But bulging, clumps and uneven skin… Read more »

Death to the Random Little Pouch of Fat

So you’ve tried all the diets of yore and eaten all the super foods of health lore. But nothing you do tackles those pesky pockets of stubborn fat. You’ve combined aerobic exercise with toning circuits. You’ve even cut fried foods and chocolate out of your diet. But nothing—you feel that absolutely nothing in this world—will… Read more »