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Super-Sized Lip Service: 4 Tips for Fuller Lips

The time has come, gorgeous gals, to talk of other things. We often focus on skin. But everyone knows that lips are the real show stopper. Here are some answers to your lip volumizing questions: how to correctly moisturize your lips, what’s the best lip exfoliator, what products make your lips look naturally full, and… Read more »

Death to the Random Little Pouch of Fat

So you’ve tried all the diets of yore and eaten all the super foods of health lore. But nothing you do tackles those pesky pockets of stubborn fat. You’ve combined aerobic exercise with toning circuits. You’ve even cut fried foods and chocolate out of your diet. But nothing—you feel that absolutely nothing in this world—will… Read more »

Restful Rejuvenation Results You Can’t Believe

Out with the old and in the new. There can’t be a more apt adage for the start of the new year. After we enjoyed our fill or two of indulgence, January is the perfect time to re-center and rejuvenate. To help, we’ve got some wonder-products and refreshing ideas on how to find your new… Read more »

How Class and Sass Keep It Slim: Celebrities’ Flab-Fighting Secrets

You said you wouldn’t. They said you shouldn’t. But despite your best attempts it happened this Christmas. Overeating, it’s a mea culpa to which we all fall victim at one point or another. But dwelling in the past gets you nowhere fast. So learn how the celebs—everyone from the fabulous Christie Brinkley to the antics-driven… Read more »

Expert Advice for Winter-Proofing Your Skin

Do you know how to take care of skin in the winter? How do you avoid drying, peeling, redness or dullness? Karen Albright, president and owner of BodyLase®, shares winter tips that we bet you didn’t know! Tracey Early’s interview Karen Albright for an In-Depth segment on Carolina’s Channel 14 News. Watch the interview here…. Read more »

Fresh Face Forward: Luxe & Budget Facials Guide

Do you pack on the glamour? Or just go with lashings of lipgloss? Whatever your beauty tactic, invest in getting the basics right. If you think there’s no treatment to suit your needs, have no fear! Because here’s a clear, crisp guide to getting the healthiest, dewiest, freshest look—no matter your timing or budget. Pre-Party… Read more »

The Unconventional Holiday Checklist

Christmas lights? Check. Eggnog in the fridge? Check. Chic outfit for festive parties? Check. Already got your conventional holiday checklist covered? Well, here’s a holiday checklist that’ll add extra spark to your merrymaking. (You know we always got your back!) 1. Get The Perfect Gift for Every Gal Need a gift that’s flexible as a… Read more »

Super Mantras of The Undeniably Wrinkle-Free

Want that holiday glow to spread across your face in more than just a smile? While youthful radiance is never out of reach, it’s also never too early to start bumping up positive skincare habits. Here are some time-tested anti-wrinkle mantras—especially crafted for those who need the occasional mnemonic nudge.

Sharpen Body, Mind and Belly in Preparation of Holiday Sparkle

The impending season of thanks and harvest brings the inevitable: back-to-back get-togethers, merriment and feasts. Sure, you want to look fine and fab in your festive number. But how can you pull it off when hearty soirees, one right after another, try to take their toll? We’ve learned it’s definitely not about cutting the fun out of the festive. So here’s how you can master the holiday craze.

How to Grab Glamour in 3 Easy Steps

Get glamorous for fall! Hollywood’s hottest stars are at it again, this fall, exuding star-quality wattage. This time, they’re channeling Mad Men and 1960s charm. Satin red lips, luscious curls, impeccable tailoring, and wine-colored nails—it’s difficult to resist these voluptuous autumn styles. So how do we help you pump up the volume? Get smitten with this new trend and grab Hollywood glamour the easy way!