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Canceling or Rescheduling Appointments

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48 Hour Cancellation and Reschedule Protocol

Our guests have busy lives, so our cancellation/rescheduling protocol is designed to give you maximum flexibility.

We ask that all appointments be guaranteed against late cancellation or rescheduling with a major credit card.

Your card is not billed unless your vacated appointment goes unfilled. We do our best to fill these openings-just like you, we’d much prefer to have another guest take your place than charge for a cancellation.

Because valuable time is reserved for you, please provide 48 hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment.

For the missed appointments and appointments not cancelled within a 48 hour period, guests will be responsible for the cancellation fee of $50 regardless of the reason for canceling. Accordingly we require a credit card number be kept on file when scheduling an appointment. We appreciate your understanding.

Our cancellation policy is designed to provide partial compensation for our top-notch treatment providers, who rely on a busy schedule for a rewarding career. This policy helps us retain great employees.