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Light Treatment vs. Laser Treatment for Anti-Aging

The field of anti-aging is becoming more and more complicated as new technologies pop up. It can be hard trying to decide which method is the best for you. The relatively recent laser treatments, such as Fraxel, and light treatments, such as IPL, are becoming popular because they target specific problems extremely well. Fraxel Laser… Read more »

Back to School in Peace

The pitter-patter of feet on the morning of the big day. The warmth of goodbye kisses from each of your kids as they proudly bear their backpacks freshly filled with new school supplies. The smile on the face of your youngest as she hops out of the car and onto the threshold of another school… Read more »

Class Act: Study Up For Your Reunion

You probably know by now the host problems that can come with class reunions. Romy and Michele graciously demonstrated the more serious offenses for us in 1997. Only to save us from committing the same reunion crimes, of course. So before you’re off to your own high school or alma mater shindig, let’s review those… Read more »