BodyLase Skin Spa has sponsored Dr. Juan Ortiz on his mission trip to Haiti

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Recently, our very own Dr. Ortiz performed plastic surgery on patients in Haiti who have limited access to health care.  When Dr. Ortiz approached Karen Albright, owner of BodyLase Skin Spa for sponsorship of his Haiti mission trip, Karen didn’t hesitate to say yes.

image-1During the weeklong trip this September, Dr. Ortiz performed multiple craniofacial, hand and chronic wound reconstructive plastic surgeries in conjunction with local Haitian physicians as a continued educational program for the Hospital Bernard Mevs and Project Medishare in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.  One of his most remarkable interventions was performed on a patient who sustained a disfiguring facial injury during a motor vehicle collision 3 months prior to Dr. Ortiz arrival. The injury destroyed the patient’s orbit, forehead and eyelids. The patient had impeding visual loss unless his eyelids could be repaired. The patient underwent a prolonged 8-hour craniofacial operation in which Dr. Ortiz reconstructed his orbit, forehead and repaired his eyelid in hopes of saving his eyesight.  The patient told Dr. Ortiz prior to his departure: “This is the best birthday present that anybody has given to me in my life”. This was especially striking since, unknown to Dr. Ortiz, he performed the procedure on the patient’s 53rd birthday.

“I feel privileged to be part of such a caring organization,” says Dr. Juan A. Ortiz. “Providing life changing help to people in need is one of the main reasons I wanted to become a physician. My family and I have been blessed with health and a safe dwelling. After 3 years since an earthquake in Haiti, the country is still in a recovery process. Giving back a little of my time, effort and knowledge to those in need is something I strongly believe in.  It was a tremendous experience to be able to change the lives of some of the people in Haiti.”

“BodyLase Skin Spa is proud to be able to sponsor our Smartlipo physicians, Dr. Ortiz, in his charitable endeavors to Haiti,” said Karen Albright.  “We are honored to be a part of Dr. Ortiz’s efforts to help train and deliver needed medical services to the people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.”

To see all the photos of Dr. Ortiz’s mission trip, visit our Facebook page.