Learn How to Keep Your Summer Shape

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Hunkering down for chilly weather doesn’t mean your summer shape should go the way of your summer vacation—a beautiful, but distant memory. Four simple tips could get you on track to a keeping your beach bod all year round. Learn how to keep your shape with 4 simple steps.

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Mind Over Matter

Your head’s telling you to hit the gym, but your lazy bones are saying no. Stop the negative talk and you’ll find it’s easier to get motivated and stay motivated. Before a session at the gym, mentality prepare yourself with positive phrases like, ‘I want to work out, I want to work out.’ No matter how far from the truth it may be at first, you’ll be thinking, ‘I love doing something great for my body and health,’ before you’re through!

Eat Smart

Summer gave us a lot of great foods. Berries galore, watermelon slices, and heaps of healthy fish. But it seems fall just wants to round us out with hearty foods like juicy corn, roast dinners, and the acres of pies to come. Remember: though the summer’s gone, you can still grab fruit and vegetables all year long. Make it an mission to integrate fruits and fresh vegetables just as you eagerly did this summer.

No Daylight, No Excuse

Zerona Contouring

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Shorter days doesn’t give you an excuse to cut the afternoon run. If earlier sunsets are throwing you off your exercise regime, join a gym. Pound treadmills instead of pavement, and get the added bonus of feeling motivated by the fellow fitness-lovers.

Tone Up

So you’re staying motivated, you’re eating right, and you’re even hitting the gym. But some stubborn areas just don’t want to listen. How do you deal with those problem areas that just don’t understand your slimming, healthy ways? Zerona Laser Treatment is a non-invasive way to get stubborn fat that refuses to shape up to simply ship out. This slimming laser treatment is a great alternative to invasive surgical methods.

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