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Body Contouring After Serious Weight Loss

Uneven skin surface, bulging and sagging — these are common side-effects of dropping lots of fat fast, whether through gastric bypass surgery or strict dieting. But body-contouring treatments like SmartLipo and Thermage can erase the ugly bumps in your curves and the unsightly sag of your skin. Don’t deal with these imperfections any longer. Uncover… Read more »

Say No To Stomach Sag

Sweat. Diet. Disappointment. Repeat. Is your mission to reduce insufferable stomach sag on instant replay? Break the never-ending loop this summer and finally feel confidence about hitting the beach in your water-time skivvies. Try these ridiculously easy tips to erase your wrinkly, stretched stomach. The sooner you do, the quicker you’ll say hello to a… Read more »

Beautiful Time Traveler: Time Reversal Tips for Every Decade

With skincare every second counts. After glancing in the mirror ever wish you could travel through time? Not to splurge the moments stolen back from the perpetual progression of time of course. But rather to finally do things right. Here’s a time traveler’s guide to help you prevent and reverse the negative impact of time…. Read more »

Hollywood’s Star Procedures

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony is fast approaching. And we’re gripping the edges of our seats for a parade of gowns and flawless looks. But just how much of this gilded perfection do we owe to medicine? We’ve long suspected that nearly everyone in Hollywood has been under the knife. Luckily, the media has… Read more »