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Live Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Treatment Performed

Recently I underwent a Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment on my face so show you what it’s actually like. At many consultations, people have expressed fear of the unknown and became nervous or anxious. To show what it’s like and all that is involved with receiving a Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment from the SmartSkin Laser, we… Read more »

Seeing Red? Calm and Correct Rosacea Now

Rosacea’s a stealthy opponent. It strikes when you least expect it. You’re going about your day without a care in the world, when it attacks. First it’s warm cheeks. Then a flush creeps into your complexion. After that you’re scrambling to put out the crimson fire that’s hijacked your face with secondary problems like broken… Read more »

13 Ways to Beat Rosacea

When rosacea attacks, it blitzes in full-force. From every direction. Redness appears because of abnormally increased blood flow to the skin. Raw flushing and bumps develop because of surface irritation. Then all these symptoms are amplified by inflammation. Your skin is assaulted from the inside as well as the outside. This means your nutrition, your… Read more »

Calm Rosacea Red Now!

For many with rosacea, maintaining clear skin is a chronic battle. Though rosacea can be tricky to handle, the experts at National Rosacea Society say that with the right medical support and advice, rosacea can be controlled. So this April, in the spirit of Rosacea Awareness Month, here are some tips on controlling this ever-elusive… Read more »