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Party of Two Spa Treatments

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so this is the ideal season for couples to take action. Whether it is women or men, everyone deserves to be pampered in a spa.  Even better, both you and your partner can have treatments done together so you both can enjoy improved skin and anti-aging results.   Medspa treatments… Read more »

Laser Vein Therapy

If you look closely at your face, you may see thin reddish facial capillaries around your nose, cheeks or chin. These capillaries can become enlarged or “broken” due to sun exposure, inflammation or irritation. Broken capillaries are not dangerous, but many of us find them unsightly and would like to remove them. Here at BodyLase®,… Read more »

BodyLase® Favorite – 3D Facials

One of our favorite new treatments here at BodyLase® is the 3D-Facial! We have recently combined microdermabrasion, laser genesis and IPL for a 3D-Facial and have seen wonderful results! This three step process removes dead skin, reduces redness and pore size, and improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation. The first step in the 3D-Facial is… Read more »

Live Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Treatment Performed

Recently I underwent a Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment on my face so show you what it’s actually like. At many consultations, people have expressed fear of the unknown and became nervous or anxious. To show what it’s like and all that is involved with receiving a Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment from the SmartSkin Laser, we… Read more »

Fractional CO2 before and after

“Turned Back the Clock for Me! The Laser Results Are AMAZING! For years I have allowed myself countless hours of sun exposure and smoking with no regard for future effects to my skin. I had no idea I could have such dramatic results with so little down time. The best part is that I am… Read more »

How Class and Sass Keep It Slim: Celebrities’ Flab-Fighting Secrets

You said you wouldn’t. They said you shouldn’t. But despite your best attempts it happened this Christmas. Overeating, it’s a mea culpa to which we all fall victim at one point or another. But dwelling in the past gets you nowhere fast. So learn how the celebs—everyone from the fabulous Christie Brinkley to the antics-driven… Read more »

The Unconventional Holiday Checklist

Christmas lights? Check. Eggnog in the fridge? Check. Chic outfit for festive parties? Check. Already got your conventional holiday checklist covered? Well, here’s a holiday checklist that’ll add extra spark to your merrymaking. (You know we always got your back!) 1. Get The Perfect Gift for Every Gal Need a gift that’s flexible as a… Read more »