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13 Ways to Beat Rosacea

When rosacea attacks, it blitzes in full-force. From every direction. Redness appears because of abnormally increased blood flow to the skin. Raw flushing and bumps develop because of surface irritation. Then all these symptoms are amplified by inflammation. Your skin is assaulted from the inside as well as the outside. This means your nutrition, your… Read more »

Sun Scares Be Gone: Enjoy Sun Without the Pain

You are so set for summertime fun that you’re practically already horizontal on a lounge chair. But beware of the sun scares! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. So BodyLase® is promoting good habits for reducing your risks of melanoma, the most serious of sun scares, as well as other sun problems. Everyone loves a… Read more »

Learn How to Keep Your Summer Shape

Keeping your body in summer shape in 4 simple steps. Working out is important to keep your body in top shape. Keeping your diet in check and eating healthy provides the base foundation for all your activities. And if you’d like a little extra help, check out our Zerona Laser treatement information. Check out all of our tips to keep that summer shape going throughout winter.