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Holiday Party Countdown to a Fabulous New You!

Did your company just announce the next Holiday party? You’re probably wondering what you can do in the next 60 days to improve your appearance. Remember that MasterCard ad from years ago? It was one of those “lace skirt, $200”, “lipstick $10” campaigns, and the kicker was something like, “Look on high school boyfriend’s face:… Read more »

Fab Gifts for Your Entire Wedding Party

Sharing love. It’s what weddings are all about. That and well outdated dance moves. To ensure the levels of serotonin are soaring on your wedding day, do your part to properly thank your wedding party by spreading some TLC. BodyLase® has some meaningful gift ideas for everyone who matters. Whether you’re a bride that wants… Read more »

Gorgeous Bride Countdown Kit

Wedding stress often manifests itself on the bride’s skin. We see it a lot at BodyLase®. Not enough water, poor eating habits and the rise of stress levels can lead to breakouts, dryness, and wrinkles. Brides, it’s important to work on your skin long before your big day. Find out how to achieve the best… Read more »

Hollywood’s Star Procedures

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony is fast approaching. And we’re gripping the edges of our seats for a parade of gowns and flawless looks. But just how much of this gilded perfection do we owe to medicine? We’ve long suspected that nearly everyone in Hollywood has been under the knife. Luckily, the media has… Read more »

Valentine’s Celebrations Made Easy: 3 Super-Simple Ideas for Any V-Day Style

When it comes to Valentine’s Day everyone does it her own way. Getting out of town for a romantic weekend getaway. Saying ‘I love you’ over a delicious dinner out. Doing something completely alternative like an extreme sports class. Or making the most out of the occasion by spending quality time with your lovable children… Read more »

Super-Sized Lip Service: 4 Tips for Fuller Lips

The time has come, gorgeous gals, to talk of other things. We often focus on skin. But everyone knows that lips are the real show stopper. Here are some answers to your lip volumizing questions: how to correctly moisturize your lips, what’s the best lip exfoliator, what products make your lips look naturally full, and… Read more »

The Unconventional Holiday Checklist

Christmas lights? Check. Eggnog in the fridge? Check. Chic outfit for festive parties? Check. Already got your conventional holiday checklist covered? Well, here’s a holiday checklist that’ll add extra spark to your merrymaking. (You know we always got your back!) 1. Get The Perfect Gift for Every Gal Need a gift that’s flexible as a… Read more »