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Advantages of Cannulas vs. Needles for Filler Injections

  With the increasing interest of facial augmentation to maintain a youthful appearance, minimally invasive procedures are becoming more and more popular. Sharp tip needles are commonly used to inject fillers into the skin. However, recent use of the blunt tip cannulas needle, has some medical professionals and some patients thinking twice. The blunt tip provides a… Read more »

November Vote For Your Favorite Med Spa Service Contest

Did you vote? Many did. BodyLase® Skin Spa would like to congratulate Connie Vivenzio on being our “Vote for Your Favorite Service” winner. Our service with the highest number of entries was Wrinkle Fillers. Juvederm treatments, and wrinkle treatment with other popular cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse, are some of the easiest and most immediate… Read more »

Bridal Beauty Basics & Blunders

Table settings and color schemes and invitation fonts, oh my! As a bride-to-be, you’ll find your there’s little time to think about a beauty routine. Wedding day glow, however, doesn’t just happen overnight. No need to spend hours researching the dos and don’ts, when to schedule what, and how laser hair removal actually works. We’ve… Read more »

Botox Redefines Aging Gracefully

Botox is modern medicine’s gift to every woman. With no cuts, stitches, or downtime, it’s no wonder that Botox is the number one cosmetic procedure in the United States. As the go-to treatment for those in need of a little sprucing up, Botox is on everyone’s lips (even though it may not be on everyone’s… Read more »

Beautiful Time Traveler: Time Reversal Tips for Every Decade

With skincare every second counts. After glancing in the mirror ever wish you could travel through time? Not to splurge the moments stolen back from the perpetual progression of time of course. But rather to finally do things right. Here’s a time traveler’s guide to help you prevent and reverse the negative impact of time…. Read more »

Back to School in Peace

The pitter-patter of feet on the morning of the big day. The warmth of goodbye kisses from each of your kids as they proudly bear their backpacks freshly filled with new school supplies. The smile on the face of your youngest as she hops out of the car and onto the threshold of another school… Read more »