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5 Ways to Treat Acne Scarring

  Acne is one of the pains of being a teenager.  For most people it is an annoyance that fades away with the memories of English class and Senior prom, but  some are reminded of those days every time they look in the mirror because of the scarring that acne left behind. There is a… Read more »

The Science Behind Clear Skin

Got painful inflamed red bumps? Oh, no! When it’s that time of the year again, you’re more concerned with stocking up on study supplies, hunting down textbooks, and figuring out your class schedule than grappling skin issues. But just like school, perfect skin requires diligent preparation. So in this lesson, we’ll learn about the chemistry… Read more »

Get Gunk Out Now!

Welcome back, class! You all look bright-eyed and eager for the school-year challenges that lie ahead. Now that you’re settled in your seats, we’d like to share some important advice on maintaining this level of enthusiasm throughout the year, especially when it comes to your skin. To ensure you’ll get an A+ on your skincare… Read more »

Get Photo-Ready Wedding Skin Now

Hear ye, hear ye. By order of the bride and groom, not only must all wedding guests greet a gaggle of strangers and acquaintances on the day of the festivities, but they must also have their likeness immortalized in no less than one photo with the gloriously made-up bride. Ever feel like wedding invitations are… Read more »

Personalized Guides for Perfect Skin

It’s at the top of everyone’s wishlist. A healthy complexion—smooth, lustrous, and glowing. The wish may be simple. The steps to get there, not so much. Sorry, Santa, it looks like you’ve got a difficult task this year! Wish all you might. But there’s no magic bullet for perfect skin, no one-regime-fits-all when it comes… Read more »

Prime, Polish, or Peel Your Way to Acne-Free Perfection

Today we tackle the a-word. It’s practically taboo in beauty discussions. Through talk of blemish-hiding techniques or oil-fighting products, it only gets a passing mention. No one wants to say it. Most don’t even want to hear about it. But at BodyLase® it’s a topic with tackle nearly everyday. So we’ll just come right out… Read more »

Celebrity Skin Foods

Bringing skin up to red carpet standards requires taking care of yourself from the inside out! Nutritionists are discovering more and more that our food choices are written all over our faces. So after putting all that thought into moisturizers and cleansers, we should also evaluate our eating habits. Do your meals benefit or harm… Read more »