November Vote For Your Favorite Med Spa Service Contest

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Did you vote?

Many did.

BodyLase® would like to congratulate Connie Vivenzio on being our “Vote for Your Favorite Service” winner.

Our service with the highest number of entries was Wrinkle Fillers.

Juvederm treatments, and wrinkle treatment with other popular cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse, are some of the easiest and most immediate ways to eliminate unwelcome wrinkles, such as “smoker’s lines” and smile lines around the mouth. These same therapies can also fill in acne scars, better define lip borders and restore volume to lips that have thinned with age.

The Runner up was Botox, a therapeutic muscle-relaxing treatment, best suited for moderate to severe crow’s feet and other “expression lines.” You know the ones: from squinting, laughing, frowning, smoking and worrying. They can make you look older, angry, tired or stressed.

Honorable mentions go to Chemical Peels and Fraxel Laser Treatment

Chemical Skin Peels – These peels remove the top layer of old, dry, dead skin cells to allow the newer, younger, fresher skin cells to move to the surface. The result is a vibrant, glowing appearance and fresher skin with restored luster.

Fraxel Laser Treatment – an innovative new way to correct aged and damaged skin. The laser penetrates deep into the skin to remove old, damaged skin cells, stimulates your body’s own natural healing process, and replaces the cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

BodyLase’s® mission is to reverse the signs of aging and give you back the youth you of yesteryear.